Tuesday, November 08, 2016

The only reprieve on my TV...

Hereditary Representative Andre Carson, who got his gig when they could no longer prop his grandmother up in her House chair in a convincingly lifelike pose, is in one of the safest gerrymandered districts in the state.

Oh, sure, the GOP half-heartedly shoves someone into Rocinante's saddle to go after him every two years, but he has Indiana's 7th District (comprising the southern, poorer, two thirds of Marion County/Indianapolis) sewed up tight.

As a result, his campaign is the only one that hasn't run any negative ads this season. You just get thirty seconds of smilin' Andre pressing flesh and a voiceover murmuring platitudes along the lines of "America, don't you love it? Andre does, too. Let's do good things! Together!"

At least the commie is spending his campaign dollars on something pleasant, like non-annoying commercials. He could just not run any commercials at all and still get elected.