Sunday, November 13, 2016

Saturday on the range...

I drove over to Indy Arms Co. yesterday afternoon with the LCP II and the Sig Sauer P320C to continue reliability testing with the Ruger and check the installation of the Dawson Precision sights on the P320.

The rear sight on the Sig needs to be moved just a touch to the right.

The box of Armscor 95gr FMJ I grabbed for the LCP II only had 35 rounds in it. Apparently I'd used it on a previous range trip and then mixed it back into my cache rather than putting the partial box in an ammo can like usual.

I fired two magazines from the LCP II with two hands on the gun and then the remaining four magazines were fired strong hand only. All the .380 was from the five yard line at the head zone of the target, firing in siz round strings as fast as I could get an adequate sight picture to press off another shot. Obviously the LCP II doesn't turn in blindingly low splits.

Neither firearm experienced any malfunctions of any type.

This makes 476 rounds fired since the gun was last cleaned or lubricated with three failures to return to battery (#128, #158, #245). 1,524 rounds to go.