Wednesday, November 09, 2016

That pew pew life...

Yesterday's range trip was just for fun, to use the actual aroma of burning powder to get the metaphorical stink of the polling place out of my nostrils.

For pure shooting enjoyment, it's tough to beat a 9mm 1911. I grabbed the Wilson and brought the Gun Blog 9 out of hibernation.

One of the things I had wondered about the Wilson test gun was "Will those Wilson 10-rd 9mm magazines work better than the ones that came with the Para Ordnance LTC?"

For one thing, the Para mags, when loaded with ten rounds, would frequently nose-dive the top round into the feed ramp, and so I used them as nine-round mags. For another, the gun had issues with certain brands of hollow point bullets.

I didn't test it with hollow points, but the ten round thing definitely went away when using the Wilson magazines.

Also, wow... I'd forgotten how easy it was to shoot with that fine-bladed fiber optic front sight. The first three magazines from the Para went into a ragged, star-shaped hole and it was the last twenty rounds that opened it up to what you see in the photo.

The Wilson, by the way, is at 1,070 rounds with zero malfunctions of any sort, if my logs are correct.