Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Gun Show & Aftermath, Part 1...

So, Saturday I drove up to Lafayette to meet up with Shootin' Buddy, and from there we continued north to the Crown Point gun show. The trip and the show is worth a post of its own, but this is about the things I bought, or rather it's mostly about one of them.

As part of my continuing efforts to gradually rebuild my depleted 5.56 ammo inventory, I picked up a hundred rounds of Winchester Q3269. I found a correct magazine for my little Steyr .25 pistol; that's the mag with the weird tail on the floorplate.

For the future amusement of the internet, I acquired a box of Liberty Ammo Civil Defense 50gr .357 Magnum ammo, which is allegedly travelling some 2100fps at the muzzle. Also grabbed a box of G2 Research 10mm ammunition which should, by combining the awesome power of the 10mm Auto cartridge with hypetastic RIP bullet technology, blow a jello block covered in four layers of denim clean into an alternate dimension.

Lastly, I purchased an ETS 31-round Glock 9mm mag, which joins the 20-rounder I already had.

Saturday I brought the Robar Glock 17 to the range along with both ETS mags. I discovered that the slick plastic of the magazines did not play well with the Wolf Polyformance ammo, with the rounds binding severely in the magazine by the time I'd stuffed ten in there.

I disassembled the mag and extracted the Wolf, bought a box of brass cased Federal RTP and loaded the magazine with no further problems.

A few rounds gone, with no malfunctions. The 20-rounder, which has already been on a couple range trips, worked normally.

Neither the 20-rounder or 30-rounder had any malfunctions in the 17. The Wolf Ammo worked in the Sig P320 with no issues.

Monday morning, I was back at the range with the two ETS mags loaded up with 50 rounds of Federal American Eagle 115gr FMJ.

Again all fifty rounds functioned fine through the guns. I'll be continuing to keep these magazines in play.