Thursday, November 03, 2016

Ups and downs...

Both the Glock 39 and LCP 2 came along to the range at Indy Arms Company yesterday. Testing continued with the Ruger and the Glock was hopefully going to show that it had been cured of the light, off-center strike problem with the addition of a new recoil spring assembly.

The guy in the lane to my left is a regular. He always has a .44 Magnum revolver and a .45ACP autoloader. He always puts his target out at five yards, and he always just seems to randomly scatter bullet holes across the paper. He does his a couple-three times a week, and he hasn't shown a lick of improvement in the all the time he's been coming there. I don't get it, but I reckon he's having fun, so it's none of my beeswax as long as he's being safe.

Unfortunately, the problem with the Glock continued. I have replaced every part in the gun except the frame, slide, barrel, and striker channel liner. I have a fresh striker channel liner to install. It's my last thing to try before I throw my hands up in defeat and send the gun to Glock.

The LCP 2 fired fifty rounds with no malfunctions of any kind to report. Consistency in grip and trigger pull is hard with such a tiny gun.

This makes 311 rounds fired since the gun was last cleaned or lubricated with three failures to return to battery (#128, #158, #245). 1,689 rounds to go.