Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Rugers in the office...

I drove over to Indy Arms Co. with a brace of Rugers yesterday morning: The LCP II and the American Compact. I had a box of Lucky Gunner's Armscor .380 for the little Ruger and some Prvi Partisan 115gr FMJ 9x19mm for the not-quite-as-little Ruger.

The Prvi had tremendous flash and muzzle blast. I still have a box from this lot and I'll try and chrono some tomorrow. The American experienced one light primer strike on its 34th round of the day (#284 through the gun). This is seemingly always a risk with striker-fired guns and harder primers, and PPU primers are harder than woodpecker lips. The round went off on the second try.

The LCP II experienced a failure-to-feed on round number fourteen of the day (#540 of the test.) Other than that, no malfunctions were experienced.

When I was photographing the target after the range session, the new guy behind the counter at IAC noticed that a pin in the Elsie Pea Too's frame had started to walk. I have tapped it flush again with a plastic hammer.

For the LCP II, this makes 576 rounds fired since the gun was last cleaned or lubricated with three failures to return to battery (#128, #158, #245) and one failure to feed (#540). 1,424 rounds to go.