Wednesday, November 30, 2016

More testing...

To Indy Arms Co. again yesterday morning with the Laserlyte-equipped NAA Mini and the ETS Glock magazines.

The ETS magazines continue to function without any problems.

Twenty rounds of CCI Standard Velocity .22LR were fired strong-hand-only through the NAA Mini by bringing the gun up one-handed to roughly eye-level, thumb-cocking on the way up, and firing as soon as the dot was visible in the upper A-zone.

The dot got harder to pick up on the last couple cylinders, and that last shot, a miss high and left and labeled "WTF", was just point-shooting blindly when I couldn't find the dot fast enough. Maybe a better shooter than me could point-shoot this gun better at nine feet.

The problem seems to stem from schmutz on the laser's lens. Firing unplated, outside-lubricated .22LR ammo through a revolver tends to deposit a fine coating of lead, lube, and powder residue all over everything near the barrel-cylinder gap. The thing with the NAA Mini is that the whole gun is near the barrel-cylinder gap, including the emitter on the Laserlyte Grip Laser.

Of course, this residue is from fifty whole rounds; an amount of ammo that might apply on the range, but not in any conceivable use of the gun. I'm going to wipe it down, clean the lens, and order some plated bullet ammo from Lucky Gunner. Then we'll do some chrono testing and maybe shoot some jello!