Tuesday, November 01, 2016

"What'll you do with an LCP 2?"

Among the random bits of marketing detritus lodged in my brain from childhood is the ad jingle for Ford's LTD II, and I hear it every time I see LCP 2.

Anyway, shooting the new single-action-only Elsie Pea proceeds apace. The other day it saw a box of fifty zinc-jacketed, steel-cased TulAmmo. Out of the fifty rounds it experienced two failures to go completely into battery (#18 and #47). It's up to you whether you want to charge those against the ammo or the gun.

Yesterday I put a box of fifty Federal RTP rounds through the gun, about a third of them fired strong-hand-only.
There were no failures of any kind to report. The wider backstrap on the LCP 2 does make it less outright uncomfortable to shoot than the original, but fifty rounds is still a lot more wearing than it would be on a full-size piece.

This makes 211 rounds fired since I started testing, with two failures to go fully into battery (#129, #158).