Saturday, November 26, 2016

Today's gonna be a good day...

You know you got up on the right side of the bed when literally the first thing you hear on awaking is that Fidel Castro is smoking a camel turd in hell.

From the Bookface:
Day Twenty-Six:
Forgot to set alarm. Woke up to Bobbi's alarm and her bustling about long enough to absorb that 2016 had finally killed the right person, slept another hour.
Woke up again. Ate breakfast. Complained. Got dressed. Headed out for three laps. Very consciously taking it easy on the pace. Ankles very stiff and sore for first lap, but got a little better.
1.00 miles in 18:53 at an average heart rate of 130bpm.
Having to report to all y'all keeps me from punking out on mornings like today.
 Maybe go to the range this morning, then catch a movie and some food with Shootin' Buddy. I think it is going to be a fine day.

It sure started out good.