Thursday, November 17, 2016

More chooting...

I intended to go to MCF&G and do some chrono work yesterday, at least I did until I saw the weatherman saying that today was going to be a good ten degrees warmer. So I decided to go shoot indoors at Indy Arms Co. instead.

In the last-minute rearrangement of my departure plans, I left my .380 ammo at home. Further, the Wolf Polyformance stuff I'd brought to shoot through the Ruger turned out to be a no-go. The coating on the steel-cased ammo didn't play well with the nickel-teflon coated mags of the American Compact, causing the rounds to stick and bind in the mag tube.

I wound up buying a couple boxes of the house ammo, Federal RTP, and soldiering on.

 The guy to my left was obviously trying to make me feel good about my shooting that day.

The American had no malfunctions of any kind. (It's at 400 rounds now, if anyone's counting.)

The Elsie Pea Too failed to go fully into battery on the second and fourth rounds and then ran fine. Incidentally, the guns had been left locked in the trunk of my car in an unheated garage overnight and were quite cold to the touch at the start of the range session. As the gunk accumulates and the lube evaporates on the LCP II, it's going to be more sensitive to stuff like that. I'm thinking that this gun is probably going to get 1,000 rounds instead of 2,000. Probably. We'll see.

For the LCP II, this makes 676 rounds fired since the gun was last cleaned or lubricated with six failures to return to battery (#128, #158, #245, #600, #628, #630) and one failure to feed (#540). 1,324 rounds to go.