Saturday, November 05, 2016

So, um...

Wasn't there a Glock test I was doing back before my September and October got all crazy busy with other stuff? Oh, yeah...the Glock 20 10mm autocannon was on the final stretch toward the finish line.

I bought some American Quality Ammunition from Lucky Gunner. I'd never heard of the stuff, but hey, it has "quality" right in the name, right? It purported to be new-manufacture 180gr FMJ for 38¢/rd, shipped as 250 rounds loose in a cardboard box.

I ran a hundred rounds through the gun at Indy Arms Company on Friday morning.

I experienced one failure to feed, on round number forty-seven of the day (#1,777 of the test.)

I still intensely dislike the factory sights, although I'm beginning to embrace a contrarian viewpoint in one way: I don't want Glock putting more expensive sights on the gun. Rudimentary plastic sights are great because they hold the cost of the pistol down and sights are such an intensely personal choice that everybody has their own preference in aftermarket sights, so why burden a gun with a hundred bucks worth of night sights that some large percentage of the customer base is going to knock off and replace with something else anyway?

Anyway...This makes 1,830 rounds since the Glock 20 was cleaned or lubricated, with seven failures to feed (#401, #454, #1,213, #1,297, #1,413, #1,593, #1,777) and eleven failures to fire (#598, #1,016, #1,029, #1,376, #1,595, #1,628, #1,633, #1,640, #1,683, #1,685, #1,727). 170 rounds to go.