Thursday, May 08, 2008

Maybe not the best choice of words.

CNN headline: Incest dad: I cared for my secret family

Well yeah, see, that's the problem.


Anonymous said...

aside from all that is that there are 7 kids whose dad is also their grandpa. Genetically, that's gotta cause some seriously freaky thing to go on. And living in a dungeon.

Poor bastards, they gotta be screwed up bad.


Matt G said...

Every single story on this that I've seen includes a pic of the nutdad. It's all about the eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

Nuts? No, I disagree.

This is as close a case of maximum evil I can consider since reading biographies of Hitler and Stalin.

This guy needs to meet Satan as soon as it can be legally arranged.


Rob K said...

The pictures of him remind me of the Grinch.

Kristopher said...

I don't care what his excuse is.

If even one of his victim's want him dead, haul him out behind the courthouse and shoot him.

jimbob86 said...

"Fritzl also said that he considered good behavior and decency important and that Elisabeth had stopped following rules when she hit puberty."

......just, you know..... not, er, imprortant enough to NOT be indecenent and break the rules concerning RAPING HIS DAUGHTER REPEATEDLY!

Put this mad dog down.

...and his wife stood for this?!?!?