Wednesday, May 21, 2014

An angle I hadn't thought of...

Over at East Iowa Firearms Training, in a sizable post on firearms training, Bill offers an angle on the importance of making carrying your pistol a routine thing that I had not previously thought of:
"When you choose to carry – CARRY. Every day and every place you legally can. First, that just makes sense to me. A predator will never willingly give you the ability to choose the ground you fight on – they will do their best to find a time and place that best fits their needs. If you figured you “didn’t need to carry today” and your paths cross . . . your day will not end well. And, words like “well, I carried today because I was going to a bad side of town, my gun just made me feel safer!” may well be true for you on that day, but in court they lead to many very uncomfortable lines of questioning – “why is THAT the bad side of town?” – “didn’t you have other places you could have gone to pick up that same item?” – “did you harbor bad feelings about people of that color?” . . . If you’re going to carry . . . carry!"
Thinking about things like this ahead of time is the very definition of preparedness. Too many people don't think through these things, and instead chant the mantra "A good shoot is a good shoot. A good shoot is a good shoot. Om mani padme hum." Don't let George Zimmerman have been horsewhipped through the public square for nothing.


1 With A Bullet said...

Purge your mind of the "bad side of town" idea, the bad guys commute to work.

mikee said...

George was horsewhipped through the public square EXACTLY to encourage the rest of the populace NOT to carry firearms nor to act in our own self defense.

This is just another part of the non-legislative efforts of the current administration to curtail gun violence that includes getting the FDIC to stop banks doing business with gun dealers and the EPA to try regulating against lead ammo despite laws forbidding them from doing so, etc., etc., etc..

All hail the Great Leader, and may his reign end in obliteration of his transformational change of the US!

The Raving Prophet said...

As the old saying goes, I carry this little thing everywhere I go because I'm NOT expecting trouble. If I was expecting trouble when I went there, I'd go somewhere else.

Bubblehead Les. said...


Besides, with all the Bureaucratic Barriers one has to go through, even in "Shall Issue" states, NOT carrying whenever Legally possible is like buying a Season Pass to DisneyWorld and only going once a year.

Anonymous said...

Don't let George Zimmerman have been horsewhipped through the public square for nothing.

And a bumper sticker is born!


Blackwing1 said...

"Expecting trouble? If I was EXPECTING trouble, I wouldn't be here by choice. And if I didn't have a choice and I was expecting trouble I'd have brought a rifle, and a whole lot of friends with rifles."

Maxwell said...

Pretty much why I refuse to EVER go to NYC. It seems to me that just my PRESENCE in that cesspool could be construed as conspiracy.
Wall the damned thing off (just like that silly-assed Kurt Russel movie), don't let anything in or out, and let the locals have at it.

Steve Skubinna said...

Avoiding anything that could be portrayed as prior intent is good policy. In Zimmerman's case the media went so far as to edit the 911 tape and create false quotes trying to make him look trigger happy, just itching to shoot somebody.

Don't make their job any easier than it has to be. Mas Ayoob is one of the few shooting instructors who covers what you need to do after a shooting.

eiaftinfo said...

My first "Tam-A-Lanch" . . . :) Glad you enjoyed the article!

Ed said...

George Zimmerman was acquitted, but Trevor Dooley was not. Read how the prosecutor mocked Dooley for pocket carry in his own home:

Greg Tag said...

More power to the "carry all the time" cohort.

My Scots ancestors may have had "second sight", and been able to discern what tomorrow might bring, but I sadly do not have that ability, so I just carry all the time. When the trousers go on, so does the Officers Model.

I had a former student who was stopped for a minor traffic offense in Plano, Tx, one night. After he informed the officer he had a CHL, she asked if he was carrying that evening. He told her that no, he was not carrying that night. She proceeded to give him ( in his own words) a 20 minute lecture about why he should always carry.

Texas- where even the cops want law-abiding citizens to carry.

David said...

Ah, Plano. Used to be a night cashier there. Safe and pleasant.

Kirk Parker said...

What Raving Prophet said. ^ 1000.

And here's a correlary:

"I don't carry a gun to get *into* situations I wouldn't get into if I didn't have one.

I carry it to get *out* of situations I couldn't get out of without one."

Regarding pocket-carry-at-home: that's what I do -- P3AT goes into the pocket when I get up in the morning, goes back in the nightstand when I go to bed at night. Often, when I'm going out, I add something more robust and the .380 gets administratively demoted to BUG... but in any case it's the WYATT gun. It's by far the easiest way to deal with it; consistency is a virtue after all.