Friday, May 16, 2014

Smart People.

From my days on staff at TFL/THR ten years and more ago, long before I had one of these blog things, I got to meet some amazingly smart and insightful people. You already know a lot of them: Marko, Larry, LawDog, MattG, Johnny, John, Oleg, and a bunch more. It was a hell of a crew, and I still have no idea what I did to get picked to be on that team.

Sometimes, on mornings where I don't have a lot to say, or am in a hurry, I can just shunt you over to the great content they're putting out:


Paul said...

Did shoot a LEO training device once that could tell when the trigger was pressed and what the barrel was pointing at before, during and after. it was pretty insightful. The scenarios where a hoot.

Matt G said...

That was a helluva team that Rich Lucibella put together.

We could still put together a traveling show, betcha.

MattCFII said...

If you get a SIRT pistol, check out LASR software, it's a really effective shot timer and target software! For less than you pay for one of the nice the Laserlyte targets (which work with the red SIRTs) you get so much more like 9 targets of your own choosing, training analysis, and called targets.

Anonymous said...

I have been writing my own software along the same lines. Fun stuff, and makes the SIRT much more effective.

Cincinnatus said...

" ... I still have no idea what I did to get picked ..."

Hmmm, oh, we could list a few things.

Anonymous said...

Simple enough, Tam: Knowledge, character and a way with words.

Helluva note, though. Hard to believe that it's been over fifteen years since I was inveigled into that deal. Been a lot of fun though, and I'm still learning new things.