Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Day Three. Thoroughly Disoriented.

I slept from one to two, and again from about quarter to four until six, when it was time to feed the cats. (You have to wake up then or Huck starts stealing things from Bobbi's room as part of an organized terror campaign to get fed. Things as large as a remote control, or a leather belt pouch with the Leatherman tool still in it.) I did some sit-ups and toe-touches and then somehow it was seven something and then I was dozing through the Today show instead of the local morning news and I was going to wake up at nine, pinkie swear. And now I'm awake, I think.


Will said...

Modafinil, perhaps? For those days like today.

Randy said...

I thought my cat was the only one that did that. She will drag socks, gloves, even on one occasion a knee brace almost as big as she is, in to what ever room you are in, yowling all the way. She looks like a tiny four legged sumo wrestler as she straddles the item. I don't know if it's supposed to be a trade deal or a (literally) cry for attention, but it's unmistakable.

Alien said...

Huck has you and Bobbi well trained.

Can he be defeated by smooth doorknobs, or will he just keep pushing on the door bottom until you get up to stop the noise?

Firehand said...

If I tried doing stretches and such right after waking up, I think I'd break. Things need a little warming-up before such serious activities commence.