Monday, May 19, 2014

Blrgl, part deux.

Two hours of sleep followed by three or so hours of fitful dozing to the drone of the TeeWee takes more out of a body than you'd think. Drive out to the range, shoot for an hour, drive back and hit the grocery store along the way and I'm wiped.

I'm gonna make a desultory good faith effort at weed-whacking, throw the battery on the charger, and the front lawn can wait until tomorrow. I am just not up to dealing with the logistics of cat sequestration and extension cord management right now. If the neighbors want it mowed before then, well, they've got mowers, too.


og said...

"well, they've got mowers, too"

That's my take on it. Like the leaves. If they didn't want me to leave them there, they wouldn't have named them "Leaves"

FrankC said...

Ho yus. Leaving leaves on the lawn gives the worms a job to do. Gotta get back to full employment.

mikee said...

My long suffering neighbor removed the leaves my large oak dropped on his yard last fall, then this spring removed the leaves blown into his shrubbery from my yard.

The man is a saint.

And the only reason the tree is so big is because it sits on the property line and gets watered weekly when he soggifies his yard to keep it green.

I'd feel guilty but that takes effort.