Friday, May 23, 2014

Range notes...

100 more rounds of 115gr Winchester through the PPX means 300 rounds. I managed to induce the failure-to-lock-back by accident once in the first magazine, and deliberately again on the second. I was experimenting with trying to get my thumbs further forward on the frame, and thereby interfering with the movement of the slide stop lever. I'm not doing that anymore. No more malfunctions of that nature were experienced.

As you can tell by the head box, at speed I'm having a hard time remembering that (for me, at least) this thing shoots 115gr ball to just over the top of the front sight post at... well, that claims to be 7 yards, but I haven't measured. It sure looks longer. I'm used to the POI being right behind the center of the front dot.

Given that I was deliberately trying to up my speed with the longer quasi-DA trigger on the 8" circle, I'm not terrifically uncomfortable with that outcome. Between the 8" circle and the 3x5" is 90 rounds. The remaining ten were put into the berm to the right of the target just to get a feel for how absolutely quickly I could work the trigger. The cell phone app I was trying to use for a timer blows goats. I need to break down and get a real one.

The shots on the small dots were with the EAA Pavona. That was another 50 rounds of mixed WWB and Blazer Brass in two 5- and four 10shot strings. It seems to shoot pretty okay.


Robert McDonald said...

I picked up a CED 7000 a couple of years back and have been very pleased with it. They run around $130 and tge battery life has been great.

Steve Skubinna said...

I wondered about the slide stop - you'd mentioned that being an issue with an earlier pistol.

Glad you identified the cause and have a remedy.

Scott J said...

I got out for the first time since the match on the 9th where I let the pepper popper fall on my ankle and fracture it.

50 rounds of .38 onto those plates gave me a gratifying sense of revenge.

On the timer my vote is the Pocket Pro II. I found the buttons on the CED too small and don't like the button placement on the PACT.

Tam said...

Steve Skubinna,

"I wondered about the slide stop - you'd mentioned that being an issue with an earlier pistol."

With the SP2022, I had to work really hard to not put my thumb there. If I stopped concentrating at all, it would migrate right back.

With the PPX, I have to grip the gun in an unusual way to cause the malfunction, so it's a lot easier to just not do that.

Anonymous said...

This is as good a spot to drop this.
That is Union troops practicing in winter quarters in Northern VA c 1862/3. From the coolest little museum you never heard of in Stafford VA. Might be some other stuff of interest in the rest of that set. The cannon is a homemade replica.