Wednesday, May 28, 2014

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Anonymous said...

More gun control in the lead, as of my vote.

From CNN, who knew?


PS - I didn't vote for more...

Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon know that the holder of this poll wouldn't skew the results anyway. I did notice that after I 'voted' on this, that the tally didn't budge.

And you know the open mouth breathers that inhabit that site would nod their collective brain-pans and vote the way Alinski would want them too.

Kaeghl in Ill-Annoyed

Paul said...

734 votes with 66% on Yes, we need stricter laws.

I did not know there where that many loons following CNN.

Anonymous said...

As of 11:31 CDT the count is 66% (486) Yes and 34% (248) No.


rickn8or said...

Yes 62% 496
No 38% 305

At 11:48 CDT

Intelligence is starting to prevail...

Garrett Lee said...

Currently 500/343 split right now. We're gaining. (Most likely due to Tam linking it.)

Ancient Woodsman said...

500 yes, 343 no at 1:07 EDT. I'd say our side stands a chance of blasting this, but feel certain that the end result wouldn't be reported if "no" came out on top.

Don said...

53% yes, 47% no. 509 to 390.

Mark said...

52% yes to 48% no at 2:02 EDT

With a total of 1021 votes

Chem said...

51% Yes, 49% No

mikee said...

A hot topic poll on CNN's website has only 1083 votes when I finally get to see it at 1pm?

While it is indeed true that NOBODY watches CNN, it is also becoming obvious those same people aren't going to the CNN website.

More power to those who ignore CNN, I say!

Jennifer said...

52% No
48% Yes
Moving in the right direction ;) Vote early and often!

og said...

Let me point out that in order to allow the "Right" people to vote Chicago style, the website is not tracking IP's. Use their tools against them.

TigerStripe said...

No-58% (797)

Yes-42% (566)

TigerStripe said...

No - 58% (797)

Yes - 42% (566)

Ed said...

Please note that the link is to the International edition, not the U.S. edition of

As of 4:09 PM EST:

No 59% 819 votes
Yes 41% 568 votes

Why don't they ever poll about the need for laws to restrict free speech and freedom of the press?

Educated Savage said...

As of 3:12 CST: 59% NO, 41% YES

AoH said...

don't forget this poll

Will said...

No: 62%
yes: 38%
total votes: 1526

Old NFO said...

62% NO, 38% YES... Turned that sucker around didn't we??? :-)

Phillip said...

No 65% 1122
Yes 35% 614
As of 6:51PM EST 5/28.

jdunmyer said...

65% NO as of 7:00 PM, EDT.

Anonymous said...

As odd as it sounds, you can actually thank 4chan for the turn around. Someone posted a link on their weapons board and they took it as a personal challenge to change the which side was winning.

Ken said...

Up to 68% "no" at about 10 pm EDT.

Anonymous said...

On a related note for all MA residents, please spread the word and attend if you can:


Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security will host a public hearing for Speaker DeLeo's new bill on Tuesday June 3rd, at 12:00 PM at the State House in the Gardner Auditorium.

Bill summary:

Full text of bill:

JimB said...

Does the United States need stricter gun control laws?
Looks like most people do not want more gun control as of 0945am EDST on 5/29.



Total votes: 2548

This is not a scientific poll

Greg Tag said...

29 May 305 PM CDT

no 1923 69%

yes 856 31%

NotClauswitz said...

29 May 4:22PM PST

No - 69% -- 1995

Yes - 31% -- 901

Scott said...

I just voted.
No - 65%
Yes - 35%