Monday, May 19, 2014


Roomie went into work at 0300 last night.

I woke up to feed the cats at 0600, approximately an hour and a half after I finally climbed into bed, and then drifted back off to the dulcet tones of the Today show. I meant to get up at 1100, I swear I did.

Gotta get dressed and go to the range (all workplay and no playwork makes Tam a dull writer!) then come home and mow the lawn.


Old NFO said...

Hopefully with NO excitement on either evolution...

Tim said...

From the none of your business department:

As someone who has had a cancer scare, have you given any thought to the effect sleep deprivation/disruption has on your health generally and your cancer risk specifically?

Ken O said...

I feel your pain. Some nitwit at work decided that since I am reliable, and the punk twenty-something kids are not, I should work 1700-0500 for three days, have a day off, then work 0500-1700 as a regular thing. Even the dogs' sleep patterns are frelled.