Monday, May 19, 2014

Overheard in the Office...

Roomie is eating a snack. Rannie is begging in that very vocal way that my little chatterbox cat has...
RX: "Cat, what's a five letter word for 'beating'?"

Me: "M-O-M-M-Y."

RX: "Wow, how sad is your life?"
Note to ASPCA: I don't actually hit the cat. That's what the squirt bottle is for. Actually, you don't need to even squirt the cat with the bottle, because just picking it up causes her to go seek excitement elsewhere. Squirt threats are thus reserved for the direst of things, like actual food theft attempts. 


Papafah said...

Dang, now i get it. I've been hitting my cat with the squirt bottle, noone told me to put water in it and squirt them!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Our cats like the squirt bottle. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time I had a cat named Blacksmith. Every time I kicked (at) him, he made a bolt for the door.

Jim said...

My late, beloved Ariel, black n' white sister to Harley, of blog fame....

... well, if you tried to threaten her, she'd just threaten you right back. Onery lil' cuss, but sweet as honey, all at the same time.

She could back it up, too. 80 lb. lab got into the backyard in San Antonio, before I moved to the coast. Dog attacked cat. Cat opened up seventeen stiches worth of hell on the dog's face.

Only way I could "discipline" her, was to get a handful of the nape of the neck, bring her up to face level, and cuss and growl and "out-mean" her, without actually hurting her any.

She died four years before Harley did. I miss them both, very much.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX