Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rights are like muscles!

If you don't exercise them they get flabby!

I read that on the internet someplace...

Anyhow, since I'm rarely averse to a bit of recreational bomb-throwing, how many people who cheered when she got fired for exercising her freeze peach...

...are planning on boycotting Chipotle? And why?


Paul said...

I don't hang out in free fire Zones. Adverse to new holes.

og said...

I don't have to have any new reasons not to eat that crap.

RevolverRob said...

Some people's children....

I think I'll just keep my gun concealed when I am getting my burrito later this week.

As for the firing of freeze peach - Never should have happened, hope she wins her lawsuit.


bluesun said...

Obviously their fashion sense is, um... a bit off, but I see two happy young guys with good trigger discipline.

Will said...

I'm good with them banning OC of long guns, if this sort of thing is what they have to put up with.

So many fails in that photo.

Stop touching it!

I would be happier with the Israeli model of long gun OC: chamber empty, no mag. It will only take one ND in a restaurant, by one of these clueless carriers, to really screw up their OC program.

The Raving Prophet said...

Chipotle can do as they wish in their stores... I probably won't be inclined to visit, though, I never was a fan of theirs. Even so, if I ran my own business I'd be likely to tell jackwagons like the "open carry a long gun" crowd to head on down the road because it's flat out impolite. These businesses don't want to be a RKBA battleground, they just want to sell food and drink.

It's doubly impolite if your choice for such an inadvisable behavior is a Tapco'd out SKS. Even if I was on board with the "drag your AR to lunch" crowd I'd still kick that one out just for having bad taste. Now, someone with a nice condition M1 Garand, they'd get a free cookie.

staghounds said...

Is Bloomberg happy?


Then this was a mistake.

Pakkinpoppa said...

Tam, I believe it was you who gave us the phrase "looks like a TAPCO Catalog threw up on it"...

As an above poster put it, I already have reasons not to eat that crap.

Plus, the one near me has a habit of getting robbed every few months, though typically at closing time.

My "boycott" is merely a "don't eat that stuff anyways, I'll keep doing just that."

Cincinnatus said...

I'm certainly not defending the more aggressive OC crowd, but in Texas you cannot OC a handgun.

I don't personally support any OC demonstrations against private parties. In some cases, I see an OC demo against a public entity that is in violation of local law.

That said, the biggest stupidity of this and the Jack in the Box incident is that this idiots are letting the gun control groups control the message because they are losing control of the message with such stupid antics.

Murphy's Law said...

I like Chipotle. I'm gonna keep going there and I'm gonna keep carrying concealed there (they aren't complaining about concealed firearms--just visibly displayed ones).

On the other side of the equation, those two guys are total tools, especially "SKS boy", who also apparently posted numerous times on facebook about his love of smoking and selling weed (the other side is already posting screen captures) and causal use of racial slurs. I don't consider these goobers my peers or my allies in the fight for gun rights and I'd like to kick them both in the ass.

Barry Pike said...

If Chipotle had even a minimal enforced dress code, this obviously would have never happened.

Robb Allen said...

You know my views on OC are about as rabidly 'pro' as they get.

I should wrap copper around my ears and stick my head between a giant magnet. The shaking I'm doing with my noggin' would power NYC for years to come.

Comrade Misfit said...

I'll keep eating there. And I'll keep my hater concealed. As I do everywhere else.

(Frickin' imbeciles....)

waepnedmann said...

Their house.
Their rules.

Patrick said...

But...but...Texas doesn't allow Pistol OC!!!

So a couple of jackasses react by getting the ENTIRE GUN COMMUNITY dis-invited from a national chain?

But..but...Chipotle sucks!!!

No, OC Drama Queens suck.

Queens. Drama Whores. Etc.

These guys are working for the wrong side.

Farm.Dad said...

Boycot ?? Nahh.. I have never ate there anyway . I sure wont pick where i get grub due to an intertube kerfluffle created by dipshits though . I wouldn't buy the crap they sell from $tarbuck$ back when it was supposed to be the gunculture 2.0 thing to do either .

John Balog said...

I'm hardline pro-2A and carry, and I would've thrown those assholes out myself. If lots of their friend's kept it up I would've put out a "this is why you can't have nice things, no OC long guns" notice. I don't expect a national chain to be that nuanced though. My comments on the OC long guns in Starbucks thing seem apropos here.

Yeah, I never advocated (or even heard of until this thread) OCing or making a big deal about being pro-gun. I posted a "go give Starbucks some money" thing on the facebooks whenever anti's tried to do a boycott, but there's a huge difference between "give them money to show we outnumber the other side" and "form a fire team and get your venti caramel macchiato in 3-5 second squad rushes." Morons ruin it for everyone.

Jon Moore said...

Double whammy.
Poster children for both the anti-gun crowd and the pro- choice.

Mister_V said...

When trying to normalize open carry, it behooves one to appear, well, normal. Openly sporting a loaded AR does not say "everything is normal" to me, it says "the S has HTF," and I don't think I'm the only one. The attention whores like Navy Seacow and the Tapco Kid there need to realize that they are the "fursuiters" of the gun rights community. Sure, you have a right to do it, but doing it in public just makes the rest of us look like weirdos.

Beaumont said...

Chipotle has always been a hangout for the tragically hip, socially-conscious crowd. That's reason enough to avoid it. But in addition, their food just ain't that great. To me, it seems like upscale Taco Bell for the hopelessly twee.

Heath J said...

Is Bloomberg happy?


Then this was a mistake.


Critter said...

the fat guy needs to stay out of places like that or he won't live to see 40.

Ken said...

Seeing as there isn't a Chipotle anywhere near where I live, and I already didn't go to Starbucks, neither one actually affects me.

That said the guys are douchebags.

Coconut said...

What the blazes did that poor SKS ever do to him?

Seconding the "poor dress" guys, too. I don't know anything at all about fashion, but even I can see that there's something horribly wrong. Especially those shoes - they look like they were stolen from someone's grandmother.

The sunglasses, too; I can count at least twelve light bulbs without really trying.

Anonymous said...

How in the hell is it a boycott? They asked us to leave, and it just wouldn't be right to not respect their wishes. Contrary to what Murphy's Law said, their request doesn't specify open carry or even long guns. It applies to anybody without a badge.

Having said that, I don't think the female in the top picture should have lost her job for her stunt. However, the only common thread I see between the two pictures is that neither activity is protected by the Constitution.

- Drifter

global village idiot said...

Nemesis is so tied up with W.I.P. she has to outsource.

As I said elsewhere, Tinky-Winky and Dipsy there in Dallas aren't a repeat of Freeze Peach Lady, but they do rhyme.

The real equivalent is a bunch of drag queens posting selfies of themselves waggling their tallywhackers over the drink station while yelling WE'RE HERE! WE'RE QUEER! just because Chipotle Corporate has no position on transvestism.

If General Washington could forsee the America of today, he'd have let Cornwallis go.


Ted N said...

(Obligatory False Flag conspiracy theory)

They're workin' for Bloomy!

Ross said...

I'm sorry, but I will not be able to boycott Chipotle over this. You can't boycott a place you've never patronized and never planned to. (I simply dislike Mexican food; ergo, I don't go there.)

mikee said...

What they do in Dallas should stay in Dallas.

Here in Austin, Texas, one would abjure Chipotle's in favor of Freebirds, where the burritos are so magnificent I used to suspect they put some illicit substance in them to maximize the pleasure of eating them, they are so goooooood.

As for the OC, it looks like the punchline to a joke:

A 350 pound redneck and a skinny Hispanic walk into a burrito joint carrying semiauto rifles. The clerk looks up and asks, "Same thing as yesterday, boys?" They reply, " Yep. No ammo at the Walmart next door!"

Maxwell said...

Meh. Chipotle's OK, but I have started to go down the road to the Q'doba because of shorter lines and fewer snotnosed jerks. The food is just as good, I think.
Concealed firearm?? What concealed firearm?
Free speech? You have the right to be an insensitive jerk wherever you want, just as the rest of us have the right to call you on it (including an employer's right to NOT have you representing their business).

Anonymous said...

When I go out to eat, it’s for enjoyment and possible indigestion.

Not political Theater.

Not to determine if the two whackos with the rifles are pathetic or psychotic (though the inability to cue to social norms, their dress and that they are carrying freaking rifles into a burrito joint, would make me lean towards the latter).

A place of business is a place for business; all other crap can go protest in the public park.

Matt P

WindRider said...

Been stewin' over this a bit, finally figured out what I want to say.

Are we responsible gun owners or not? If we are, we don't act like these idiots and we don't boycott private businesses that have the sense to be offended by them. Rather, we boycott the idiots and let them know why and we check them out to see if they are indeed working for Bloomberg (he's not above that sort of thing, you know).

There isn't a Chipotle within 90 miles of me. But if there were and if I already liked their food and service, I might even increase my patronage, carrying discreetly of course.