Sunday, May 25, 2014

...and that's all I've got to say about that.


Wyfaggro said...

The guy was rich, mostly normal-looking, his dad was a Hollywood producer, and yet he STILL couldn't get laid.
We have a new loser champion, folks. Thank you for playing.

RevolverRob said...

Rich, normal looking, son of Hollywood producer - So he was a raging misogynistic douchebag with an entitlement complex? And it's no wonder he couldn't get laid in a post-modern world and his suicide note sounded like it came from Reddit.

I normally refrain from expletives in your comments, Tam, but please forgive me here...

This guy was an asshole.


Tam said...

"I put all these 'Nice' coins in the sexbot and pussy still didn't drop into the dispensing tray! I'm gonna shoot everybody!"

Thanks internet. He's your baby.

Anonymous said...

Perfect. Maybe if we mock these weakling idiots sufficiently, they'll stop seeing this murder/suicide thing as a way to gain some sort of twisted respect.
Nope. Rating must come first. Dammit.

Joel said...

Dammit! I can never get anything right. When I was that age I got rejected by girls in boxcar lots, and never killed any of them. Was I supposed to do that, or is it only a thing among rich kids?

Belated apologies to anybody who refused to date me back then, if I inadvertently dissed you with my lack of a killing spree.

Have the calls for gun restrictions on everybody who isn't a deranged Hollywood brat started yet, or do we have to wait till after the holiday?

Steve Skubinna said...

Guy obviously was a huge basket case. And his manifesto appears rehearsed. So I would not focus overly much on the virgin part of the analysis. The not getting laid part was a symptom, not the problem.

Windy Wilson said...

But -- He was able to buy THREE handguns (as an over 21 adult, btw). If all you other accessories hadn't been able to buy 'em, why, he would only have been able to murder three people with a knife (according to his dad).
It's easy to see where the murderer got his reasoning skills and his sense of entitlement

Windy Wilson said...

Joel, we'll have to wait until after the holiday. His dad (you can see where the entitlement came from and the Aristotelian reasoning skills came from) already said it was the NRA's fault.
And it's also the ACLU's fault, since they protect the publication of hatespeech which Mein Kampf and other writings qualifies as.

Anonymous said...

The co-eds at UC Santa Barbara put out like Niven's comet is 15 minutes from impact. (or so I'm told). If wasn't getting any his default personality setting was a level incomprehensibly low to normal people, dorks, weenies, and Aspires.

Anonymous said...


NO, and So Not Right on SO very many levels ...... and nobody clued him in to that?


Mike_C said...

> The not getting laid part was a symptom, not the problem

Got it in one. I actually listened to a couple of his YouTube rants, and had I not known of subsequent events it would have been a toss up between "Wow, this is a well-done but over the top creepy dark-humor parody" and "Get out the big net and the commitment forms."

@Windy Wilson: has Rodger elder come out against the NRA? I thought the family were hunkering down behind lawyers. I know that the father of the fatally-shot Martinez has been blaming the NRA.

>"I have to kill everybody because bitches, amirite?" Dumbest suicide note ever.

Heh. THIS is a suicide note: "If you think you had anything to do with this, don't flatter yourself." A middle finger, with a touch of Carly Simon-ish spin on it, from the grave.

Kristophr said...

For a mysogynist, he seems to have problems with target ID.

He was apparently less afraid to approach and kill men then he was to approach women.

What a loon. His parents need to be sued for failing to perform a 72nd trimester abortion.

Kristophr said...


Stefan Molyneux, an anarchist/psychologist, did a very good breakdown of the creation of this nutter.

staghounds said...

Everyone, including the management of media, knows that the way to discourage these publicity murderers is to starve them of fame.

The coverage I was unable to avoid (CNN in the airport)- big pictures of the loser, loudly telling the story he wanted the world to hear, grieving father of victim blaming the NRA, striving to understaaaaaand him- convinced me that they operate their programming so as to ENcourage these criminals.

Political, economic, competitive, sadistic, it doesn't matter what the agenda is, there is one or more.

Awful to say and worse to believe, they are building them on purpose.

Windy Wilson said...

Mike_C, I think I was mistaken, if memory serves, it was the father of one of the shooting victims. Not a word of sympathy for the knifing victims or the run-over-by-the-BMW victims. I'll give him a pass on account of overwhelming grief unless he keeps it up.
It sounded to me like the rant of a cartoon supervillain from inside his secret lair -- say a Doc Oc or whoever the Green Lantern fought to save the world.

Kris said...

staghounds said...
"Everyone, including the management of media, knows that the way to discourage these publicity murderers is to starve them of fame."
Read about an initiative in Vienna where the media stopped using the word "suicide", stopped printing pictures of the deed, and used less emotionally charged words on page 9 (rather than page one) to report on subway suicides. The incidence of copycat events dropped 74%.
Funny how media tells us they don't fuel such mischief, yet tell advertisers about the power of media to sell stuff.

staghounds said...

Yes- media are helpless to influence behaviour unless you pay them to.

Ed said...

Oh! For it be more like a Reddit title, instead of "Reddit Study Reveals How to Ask For Favors Online - and Get Them", it should instead be "Reddit Study Reveals How to Ask For Sexual Favors Online - and Get Them":