Thursday, May 01, 2014

Gratuitous Gun Pr0n #84...

Nice BB guns.
High-end competition air rifles like this are to your basic "Daisy Red Ryder carbine-action, two hundred shot Range Model air rifle with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time" as the Lockheed SR-71 is to a Piper Cub. They're mechanically capable of basically stacking match pellets one atop the other from ten meters away. Bare rifles can cost like an FNH SCAR and then you'd need to add about the cost of a Glock for the sights; high-end rifle/sight packages are encroaching on "nice stack-barrel shotgun" prices.

Still, perhaps due to the ease in finding places to compete, it's the fastest growing youth shooting sport according to the CMP.


Old NFO said...

And they come with a SERIOUS instruction manual... :-)

DaddyBear said...

My daughter shoots Anschutz air rifles on her school rifle team. Last Christmas I thought I might buy her one of her own so she wouldn't have to use the ones the school is keeping together with spare parts.


My first three cars didn't cost that much.

It was funny to watch her jaw with the rep at their booth this weekend though.

AM said...

There are cheaper ways to get into air rifle, although "cheaper" isn't the same as "inexpensive" in my experience.

A Crossman Challenger isn't going to ever make it to the Olympics, but if you can't hit the 10 it's not the equipment. Same for an Air Arms T200 or Air Force Edge.

I do see a FWB500 in my future though...

Anonymous said...

I would be holy terror on grackles in the barn with one of those.


Anonymous said...

Just the thing for getting rid of starlings and feral cats.

I'm seriously thinking of buying a Daystate Airwolf. It seems that strict firearms laws in England and South Korea have made the high tech airgun a viable option to a 22LR. Daystate makes a .303 caliber and Evanix offers a full-auto 9mm airgun, both with electronic valve control for consistent velocity.


tailwind said...

Piper Cub is still in active use. SR-71's are mostly in museums.

global village idiot said...

My shooting/ham-radio buddy and I shoot at aspirin pills at 50 measured feet with our air rifles. His is an RWS/Diana and mine is a Beeman I got from WalMart. Mine cost me around a c-note.

We shoot offhand and kneeling unsupported because if we didn't, we'd have to go and replace the aspirin pill after every shot.

My Beeman has 2 barrels - one in .177 and one in .22. Using the ammo each likes best, each produce good groups more-or-less comparable with each other. In point of comparison, of course the .22 makes a bigger hole; but I ought to note that as far as depth of penetration, the .177 on average shoots a bit deeper into my backstop (a cardboard box full of old tax forms) than .22CB, whereas the .22 penetrates slightly less. Physics is physics.

It's enough gun for around here at Chez GVI. Good air rifles are just plain good.


Robert Fowler said...

DaddyBear said...
My daughter shoots Anschutz air rifles on her school rifle team.

Really. I'm amazed there is still a school anywhere that would allow such. Aren't all schools run by gun fearing liberal idiot pisswits?

Goober said...


I graduated from high School in 1998. I used to keep my shotgun in my locker, walk down the halls with it (as long as it was in a case).

FFA trap club, you see. School sponsored and sanctioned. At my high school, one could actually letter in shooting clay pigeons.

The year after i graduated, Columbine happened, and the trap club at my school became a thing of the past.

it really is sad that the lowest common denominator keeps dictating the rules that the rest of us must live by.

Anonymous said...

I just bought an air rifle from CMP. In theory it's for my kid but he hasn't shot it yet, and I have, I might have to buy a second one.


heresolong said...

I helped coach an air rifle team for the JROTC unit at the high school where I was teaching. The beauty was that we could practice in a long closet and I discovered, after having shot nothing smaller than 30 caliber for quite a few years, that I had developed a flinch. I recommend everyone shoot an air rifle every once in a while, just to check.

Anonymous said...

They have come a long way. Glad I bought one now that .22 ammo is so scarce.


Scott J said...

Not a rifle but there exist CO2 powered 1911 replicas that have enough metal in them to have the same heft and also happen to have all the same control manipulations.

I keep meaning to buy one for CDP practice but always seem to wind up spending my money on reloading components instead.